From Compliance to Curiosity: Intensive Summer Institute

Unlock collective potential by changing mindsets. Bring your team and collaborate with like-minded peers, gaining the confidence and skills necessary to improve the adult learning culture at your district or school at this 3-day gathering.

Essential Questions:

  • How do we design for deeper learning for adults?
  • How do we build a sense of belonging and engagement for our adult learners?
  • How do we create safe, honest learning spaces that build adults’ self-awareness of their effectiveness?

What You’ll Learn:

In order to design more impactful collaborative learning spaces for teachers, you will:

  • Learn powerful frameworks and principles for developing a vibrant adult learning culture
  • Map your current reality and give voice to your vision for adult learning in your context
  • Experience how heightened attention to the quality of interaction between adult learners helps build effective teams
  • Leave the institute with a clear plan of action for your district, school, grade-level, or department