Lead by Learning, Instructional Leadership Team, Network 2022-23

Across districts, school site Leadership Teams are seeking to reimagine what’s possible.

The Lead by Learning Network supports principals and representatives of Leadership Teams shift to an inquiry model in order to better understand the impact of their practices on students’ experience and achievement. Through both site-focused inquiry and cross-team collaboration, schools come together across districts and regions to investigate how we can transform practices in order to genuinely meet each student’s needs. Changing the way students learn together first requires that educators learn together.

Through this six-part series, you and your leadership team will be paired with a Lead by Learning coach who will support you throughout the year to vision and plan for teacher collaboration at your site that develops teachers’ adaptive expertise by bringing into clearer focus what is happening for their learners. Three of six sessions will be held as a Network, to engage in thought partnership with other site teams in order to push each other’s thinking, reflect on their own growth, and learn from other sites’ experience with inquiry-driven professional learning. The alternating three sessions will be customized for just your site time with your Lead by Learning coach. The Network brings together our long-term sustaining partners with teams that are new to creating the conditions for adult learning, helping them refine their identities and skills as effective leaders of adult learning while enacting their visions for success at their sites. 

In this series, your team will partner as principal and teacher leaders in order to:

  • Refine your vision and priorities for adult and student learning, in order to establish parallel learning goals for students and educators 
  • Use teacher learning data to deeply understand teacher collaboration needs at your site
  • Receive coaching by a Lead by Learning facilitator to collectively plan next steps for creating collaboration spaces that lead to increased engagement and positive learning outcomes for students
  • Stay energized throughout the school year and strengthen your team collaboration, communication, and reciprocal accountability

Outcomes and impact:

This workshop series is designed to align with multiple state and federal grants supporting professional learning, including the Educator Effectiveness Block Grant, the California Community Schools Partnership Program, and the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Grant Plan.

  • More efficient and effective teacher collaboration structures at your site
  • Deepened and strengthened adult learning culture that goes beyond one-off trainings and instead builds internal capacity for improving instructional practice
  • Build teachers’ capacity to effectively address learning gaps and facilitate quality and engaging learning opportunities for all students
  • Increase teachers’ awareness of strategies to integrate students’ social-emotional learning and academics


All sessions will be held virtually on Zoom during the 2022-2023 school year. If all Network participants are within the greater Bay Area, there may be the option of an in-person convening once within the course of the year.

All sessions are Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm PST:

August 25, 2022

September 22, 2022

October 20, 2022

December 1, 2022

January 19, 2023

March 23, 2023

What is the design of the sessions?

Each session will include both focused input on adult learning and facilitated workshop time to review each team’s relevant data and support progress on their work plan.

Who should attend?

Principals, district leaders, and teacher leaders who want to work as a team. Join this dynamic network to learn how to boost your leadership team’s effectiveness and create systemic change by transforming your adult learning culture.

Minimum 3 people per team, maximum 6, including one site leader (principal or other administrator) and 2-5 teacher leaders.


  • $625 per team member
  • 3 person minimum, 6 person maximum.
  • 2 professional development units available for purchase at $200

**We encourage honoring teacher leaders’ commitment and time with a stipend of $350 per teacher leader, paid by the site

Lead by Learning Network FAQ

  • Is this a Webinar series? This is not a 6-part webinar. Rather, it is an individualized planning and sense-making space for leadership teams. Your team will collaborate deeply, with facilitation support from your Lead by Learning coach, in order to refine your priorities and understand your next steps for supporting teacher collaboration that positively impacts students’ remote learning.
  • What will support for our team look like? Each session will include both focused input on adult learning and workshop-style support from your Lead by Learning facilitator, who will offer guiding questions and thought partnership, take notes, and support your team to arrive at next steps in your plan for teacher collaboration.
  • Will there be work required between sessions? You will leave each session with some next steps in your plan for teacher collaboration, along with what kind of data you’ll collect to help your team understand the impact of what you try. Our hope is that between sessions you will try these next steps and collect the teacher learning data that can help you understand progress toward your goals. At the subsequent session, your team will have facilitated time to dive into that data to help guide your next steps. 
  • Does our entire team need to commit to attending every session in the series?
    • The input about adult learning and the structure of team collaboration builds from one session to the next, so to get the most out of the series, we strongly encourage your team to attend every session.
    • We recognize that unexpected things may interfere with individual attendance from time to time, but for the continuity of your team’s planning and learning, we encourage every member of your team to attend every session. 
    • We plan carefully for individualized facilitation of every team, so it really matters to us that you are there! 
  • What is the network part of the Lead by Learning Network? We know that connecting with others engaged in this same work builds a sense of collective purpose; you are not alone as a school team, but rather part of a larger effort among a number of schools to better meet the needs of your students through attending to the conditions for adults learning at your site. We will provide opportunities for teams to share their dilemmas, data, and/or next steps across site teams, so you are able to learn from each other and seek inspiration across regions.
For more information, email us at info-leadbylearning@northeastern.edu.